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Join the boosters today to support the great programs and student-athletes of Walter M. Williams High School. Your donations help support equipment, travel, meals, and more to our program.

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What We Do


We Lead by Example

Parents, staff, and students ALL participate in making Williams High School the best around. We all volunteer in the community, we help to keep our facilities clean, and each team helps to support each other in concessions, fundraising, and all student-athletes become fans for each other.


Character First

The word “student” comes before “athlete.” Athletics help build discipline, character, and integrity. Each of these translates directly to the classroom. We want to make sure the students, coaches, and staff all have what they need to be winners on and off the field.


We Grow

We want to establish a trend for excellence in our numbers. Student athletics do not work without the help from volunteers, and we’re aware we need all the help we can get. Even if you can’t donate funds, your support in volunteering time to the school and community is a vital part of making this work.



Our Mission Statement: Through rigorous academic standards, authentically engaging instruction, and positive interpersonal relationships, Williams High School is preparing students to thrive in a rapidly changing global society.


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